Book(WRT) Token is the first token on the TRON Platform to help and support authors and writers on Blockchain that pays them 100% what they deserve.

BOOK(WRT) is a project or “Project Book” on the TRON Platform to help libertate authors from the Traditional Publishing Industry. Book Publishers such as Amazon takes so long to pay authors only 70% in royalties and months to publish their manuscript. BOOK is in the process of eliminating the “middleman” by allowing authors to have the freedom to publish their manuscript(s). They will even set their own price on the Book Network(currently under development). Authors will be paid 100% with the native TRC20 token WRT. This will be done with the WRT DApp the smart contract is currently under development with TRON’s Virtual Machine and TRON developer tools.

Each author will use WRT DApp via the Book Network(register only email, password and WRT wallet address). Both Authors and Customers will be P2P Linked. Customers will also benefit from the Book Network with the WRT DApp, earning WRT simply by reading a book from their device. The amount desired is up to the customer. The system cannot be cheated because is coded to “sleep” if not in use within 10 seconds.

The amount of WRT earned remains. The security of the Book Network will be built on the layer of TRON Platform until it’s moved on its own Blockchain. BOOK will also support writers of Cryptocurrency such as new ICOs and because of so much malicious and fraudulent activities each article will need to pass through tests. Not passed marked RED and passed marked GREEN. This is called “The System of Authenticity”. BOOK will also have Treasury to fund future authors. For every book purchased a fraction of WRT is sent to a special WRT wallet. BOOK will also give to charities such as “St.Jude’s Hospital” and to churches.

Helpful & focused

November 21, 2018Review of Book

I’m not sure how long it’s going to last but currently they are willing to advertise your manuscript for little to no cost

Lee Evermore


November 3, 2018Review of Book

Victor always contributes vigorously to the efforts of their team, whether as a leader or a team member. Understands own weaknesses and others’ strengths and goes to the right people for help. Sympathetically he helps the TRON community grow better. A natural leader. People tend to listen and follow his example and guidance. Victor is a great as CEO without making an issue of leadership. He wants to help TRON to decentralize the web by his project named BookWRT. I hope for your success in your project. Don’t miss this project! It’s a must!

Michael Pastor

Victor Bermudez
Founder and CEO
55 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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